Our supply chain is diverse, spanning IT, travel, sponsorship, translation services, telephony and affiliates amongst others. In 2017 we plan to integrate management of our suppliers into a single Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Our approach to supply chain management is designed to:

  • Reduce risk;
  • Develop mutually beneficial long-term business relationships; and
  • Deliver best value from our suppliers on a long-term basis.

Our procurement policy includes a "Supplier Acknowledgement and Self-Certification Checklist", which requests information relating to:

  • Financial strength to ensure long-term reliability;
  • Ability to deliver enduring quality and value;
  • Commitment to innovation and ability to help us develop new products, processes and ways of working that will provide us with a commercial advantage; and
  • Commitment to a wider corporate responsibility agenda relating to the environment, labour/employment standards, equal opportunities and employee rights.

In return, we aim to operate to the highest professional standards, treating our suppliers in a fair and reasonable manner and settling invoices promptly.