Environmental Impact

We are a low-impact company, but we are not complacent and monitor our environmental performance by measuring the water and energy we consume, the amount of physical waste we produce and the amount of CO2 gas we produce through air travel. We currently monitor these impacts from our six main offices and plan to roll out monitoring across our locations this year.

Key metrics show that:

  • A total of 3,554 air flights taken by employees producing an estimated 865 metric tons of CO2.
  • Our highest energy consumption resulted from our eight data centres, which consumed 8.4 million KWh of electricity in total.
  • On average, each full-time employee in our six main offices every month used:
    • 289 KWh of electricity;
    • 801 litres of water; and
    • produced 6.5kg of waste.

Our approach to the environment and the community goes beyond our own business. Our suppliers' corporate responsibility agenda relating to the environment is also assessed before we enter into contractual arrangements. We believe that by aligning our interests we can make a contribution towards sustaining our environment.