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Annual Report & Accounts 2015 - NOTES
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2. seGmental reportinG management follows one business line with two operating segments, being sports and Gaming segmenting the revenues. these operating segments are monitored and strategic decisions are made on the basis of overall operating results. management also monitors revenue by geographic location of its customers, monitoring performance in europe and latin america. 2.1 Geographical analysis the Group's revenues and other income from external customers are divided into the following geographic areas: 2015 2014 €000's €000's europe 214,980 197,442 latin america and emerging markets 32,750 27,359 total 247,730 224,801 the total non-current assets (other than financial instruments, investments accounted for using the equity method, deferred tax assets and post-employment benefit assets) located in europe is €103,350,000 (2014: €103,446,000) and the total located in other regions is €55,816,000 (2014: €55,762,000). Revenues from external customers in the Group's domicile, europe, as well as its major markets, latin america and emerging markets, have been identified on the basis of the customer's geographical location. Non-current assets are allocated based on their physical location. 2.2 reporting by segment 2015 2014 Notes €000's €000's statement of reVenUe sports wagers 1,682,955 1,463,523 Sports margin 9.2% 9.8% Gross margin 154,086 143,544 sports bonuses (40,234) (33,345) sports NGR 113,852 110,199 Gaming NGR 133,878 114,602 total revenue 247,730 224,801 management do not review the performance of each segment below the level of Net Gaming Revenue. 62 GVC HOLDINGS PLC ANNUAL REPORT 2015 notes to the consolidated financial statements continued for the year ended 31 december 2015