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Annual Report & Accounts 2014 - REPORT OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE
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in the uk in particular the new tax-regime has increased headwinds for smaller and less diversified operators. the strength of gvc's diversified operations coupled with strong cash generation and cash control place the group in an enviable position in the industry, although gvc is not immune to movements in rates of foreign exchange. in 2015, it is the intention that gvc will continue to build on its exceptional record of integrating strategic acquisitions and the focus will be on increasing the diversification of our revenues by targeting accretive acquisitions in regulated markets. however, should the right opportunity arise, we would also consider acquisition opportunities in unregulated markets. i end my report on a very upbeat note - the Board believe the group has never been in a stronger position than now; robust trading; diversified products and markets; highly motivated staff; and technological developments which will allow the group to prosper. for this reason i am delighted to be able to announce a further increase in the quarterly dividend to 14.0 €cents per share plus a final special dividend of 1.5 €cents per share. Kenneth alexander chief executive 20 march 2015 ANNUAL REPORT 2014 8 rEport oF thE chIEF ExEcUtIvE continued