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Annual Report & Accounts 2013 - Highlights
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GVC HOLDINGS PLC Highlights GVC is financially focused on generating cash and returning a high proportion of this to shareholders by way of dividends GVC is a multinational sports betting and gaming group, founded in 2004. It provides both B2B and B2C services to the online gaming and sports betting markets. Its core brands are now CasinoClub, Betboo and Sportingbet. It has offices in Dublin, Malta, Tel Aviv, Guernsey, Alderney, Manila, Barbados and London. It is headquartered in the Isle of Man and across the group has over 500 employees. INTRODUCTION Total Proforma Revenues (€'000) 180,573 Annual growth of 69% 2013 180.6 2012 107.1 2011 48.8 Clean *EBITDA (€'000) 38,299 Annual growth of 148% 2013 38.3 2012 15.5 2011 8.4 Dividend (€cents) 48.5 Increased by 120% 2013 48.5 2012 22 2011 21 Operational aims achieved in period Sportingbet Integration Successful integration of Sportingbet into the main body of the Group with a reduction in the inherited cost base of around 50%, and a growth in its inherited revenues Data Migration Data migrations completed onto a single platform of Sportingbet, including that of Betboo. As a result, from 2014 onwards there will no longer be a charge in the Consolidated Income Statement for the deferred discount release. Licence Principal licence moved to Malta from Alderny