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Annual Report & Accounts 2012 - NOTES
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GVC HOLDINGS PLC NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2. SEGMENTAL REPORTING Management currently identifies two distinct business lines Business to Consumer ("B2C") and Business to Business "B2B" as operating segments. These operating segments are monitored and strategic decisions are made on the basis of segment operating results. The Group has chosen to split out its two key B2C brands, CasinoClub and Betboo. Management also monitors revenue by geographic location of its customers, monitoring performance in Europe and Latin America. 2.1 Geographical Analysis The Group's revenues and other income from external customers are divided into the following geographic areas: 2012 2011 €000's €000's Europe 49,304 35,527 Latin America 10,292 8,813 Total 59,596 44,340 All of the Group's Other Income comes from Europe. The total non-current assets (other than financial instruments, investments accounted for using the equity method, deferred tax assets and post employment benefit assets) located in Europe is €57,026,000 (2011: €57,096,000) and the total located in other regions is €9,067,000 (2011: €10,597,000). The total deferred tax asset located in Europe is €83,000 (2011: €83,000). There are no deferred tax assets in other regions. Revenues from external customers in the Group's domicile, Europe, as well as its major markets, Europe and Latin America, have been identified on the basis of the customer's geographical location. Non-current assets are allocated based on their physical location. The above table does not include discontinued operations, for which revenue and assets can be attributed to Europe. 33