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Annual Report & Accounts 2012 - REPORT OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE
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GVC HOLDINGS PLC BUSINESS REVIEW This transaction marks a turning point in the Group's history in that it reinforces the Group's ability to close major and complex transactions to benefit its shareholders. The Group has a continued appetite to explore further opportunities if the Board believes them to be in the financial interest of shareholders. The amicable settlement of legal disputes with Boss Media has also been achieved and allows the Group to focus its collective efforts on the tasks ahead as opposed to being distracted by historical issues. I end my report by commenting about dividends and the Group's dividend policy. The Group aims to pay not less than 75% of its net operating cashflow by way of dividends. In the last calendar year, the Group has paid 26€cents per share (2011: 20€cents per share) and since the calendar year-end has paid a further 7€cents to shareholders. The Group aims to pay a dividend in November 2013 and thereafter quarterly. Kenneth Alexander Chief Executive 25 March 2013 9