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Annual Report & Accounts 2009 - Notes to the Financial Statements
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70 NOTES TO THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 1. GENERAL Gaming VC Holdings S.A. (the "Company") was incorporated under the laws of Luxembourg on November 30, 2004 under the legal form of a "Société Anonyme". The Company is established for an unlimited period. The registered office of the Company is at 13-15 Avenue de la Liberte, L-1931 Luxembourg and the Company is registered with the Register of Commerce of Luxembourg under the section B number 104348. The purpose of the Company is the acquisition of ownership interests, in Luxembourg or abroad, in any form whatsoever, and the management of such ownership interests. The Company may in particular acquire by subscription, purchase, and exchange or in any manner any stock, shares and other securities, bonds, debentures, certificates of deposit and other debt instruments and more generally any securities and financial instruments issued by any public or private entity whatsoever. The Company may participate in establishment, development of any financial, industrial or commercial enterprises. The Company may also borrow in any form and proceed to the issue of notes, bonds and debentures, and any kind of debt and/or equity securities. The Company may lend funds including the proceeds of any borrowings and/or issues of debt securities to its subsidiaries, affiliated companies or to any other group company. It may also give guarantees and grant security interests in favour of third parties to secure its obligations or the obligations of its subsidiaries, affiliated companies or any other group company. The Company may further mortgage, pledge, transfer, encumber or otherwise hypothecate all or some of its assets. The Company may also acquire and exploit all patents and all other ancillary property rights which are reasonable and necessary for the exploitation of such patents. On December 21, 2004, the Company raised GBP 81 (EUR 117.5) million through the subscription by Collins Stewart of Ordinary Shares, and their placing with institutional and other investors at 420 pence per share ("the Placing"). The Placing was subject to Admission of the Company on the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") in London. The Company's financial year begins on the first day of January and terminates on the last day of December. The Company prepares consolidated financial statements. Copies of the consolidated financial statements are available at the parent company's registered office.