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Annual Report & Accounts 2009 - Notes
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58 21.7 Summary of financial assets and liabilities by category The carrying amounts of the group's financial assets and liabilities recognised at the balance sheet date are categorised as follows: 31 Dec 31 Dec 31 Dec 2009 2008 2007 g000's c000's c000's Current assets: Financial assets measured as loans and receivables - Trade and Other receivables 5,064 6,077 3,561 Cash and cash equivalents 19,195 18,834 15,859 Current liabilities: Financial liabilities measured at amortised cost - Trade and other payables 6,554 5,477 4,404 Deferred consideration 5,354 - - 22 RELATED PARTIES 22.1 Identity of related parties The Group has a related party relationship with its subsidiaries (see note 23) and with its directors and executive officers. 22.2 Transactions with key management personnel The Group's key management personnel are considered to be the directors as shown in note 6.1.2. Directors of the Company and their immediate relatives control 12,000 of the voting shares of the Company (0.4%). Nigel Blythe-Tinker is the non-executive chairman of Pentasia Limited, a leading recruiter in the field of internet gaming. During the year ended 31 December 2009, Pentasia provided recruitment services to various members of the group to a value of c67,566 (2008: cnil). Karl Diacono is the Chief Executive Officer of Fenlex Limited, a corporate service provider incorporated in Malta. During the year ended 31 December 2009, Fenlex received c52,780 from the group in relation to Company secretarial matters arising in Malta (2008: cnil). Richard Cooper and his wife are the shareholders of Rousset Capital Limited, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom. During the year ended 31 December 2009, Rousset Capital Limited provided conference and meeting room services amounting to £12,600 (c14,354) (2008: cnil). The Directors are satisfied that all of the above arrangements were at arms-length commercial rates.