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Financial Statements of Gaming VC Holdings S.A.
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59 3.3 Amount owed by affiliated undertakings This amount corresponds primarily to costs due by Gaming VC (Jersey) Limited, a subsidiary of the Group Gaming VC, relating to the acquisition of intangible assets by this subsidiary. 4. CAPITAL AND RESERVES The authorised share capital of the Company is 40,000,000 ordinary shares of c1.24 each and 30,000 redeemable shares of c1.24 each. The authorised and not yet issued share capital of the Company is 8,864,238 ordinary shares of c1.24 each and 30,000 redeemable shares of c1.24 each. Capital fluctuations during the period are illustrated in the table below: Number of ordinary Share value Total Value shares issued EURO EURO At December 31, 2007 31,135,762 1.24 38,608,344.88 At December 31, 2008 31,135,762 1.24 38,608,344.88 The Company has not issued any redeemable shares since incorporation. On admission to the AIM market, a share premium of EURO 78,953,651 was recorded. At the AGM held on 20 May 2008 in Luxembourg shareholders agreed to write down the share premium reserve by an equal amount to the historic retained losses. 4.1. INTERIM DIVIDENDS Based on the interim balance sheet of the Company as at October 10, 2008, the Board of Directors paid an interim dividend of an aggregate net amount of EURO 6,227,152 on October 31, 2008 (2007: EURO 6,227,152) 5. SHARE PREMIUM ACCOUNT The movements in the Share Premium account are shown below: Year ended Year ended In EURO 31 Dec 31 Dec 2008 2007 Balance at start of year 53,957,115 59,905,945 Transfer from profit and loss account (38,144,782) (5,948,830) Balance at end of year 15,812,333 53,957,115