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2 FACTSHEET The Company was incorporated in Luxembourg on 30 November 2004 and it was listed on AIM on 21 December 2004. The company is therefore bound by the corporate laws of Luxembourg, the Company’s Articles of Association, and the AIM rules of the London Stock Exchange. It is not bound by the Takeover code. The principal operating currency of the Group is the Euro. The shares are traded in GBP. Shares are held in registered, not certificated form. To enable CREST settlement, depository interests, rather than shares, are traded. Capita IRG Trustees Limited record the depository interests. Under a Deed Poll, depository interest holders have the same economic rights as other shareholders. Voting is also mirrored as depository interest holders provide Capita with a “form of direction” this is akin to a proxy vote. Key milestones Q3-07 Granted a licence by the LGA in Malta Q3-07 Sportsbook operation started Q1-08 Winzingo, Bingo site targeting Spanish customers, launched Q4-08 Granted a licence by the Italian authorities Q1-09 Launch of Slots Club Q2-09 Entered long-term contract with Boss Media for supply of casino and poker software Website Extensive information on the Group, and prior-year financial statements and press releases can be found on the Group’s website: www.gamingvc.com. Brands operated www.casinoclub.com www.pokerkings.com www.slotsclub.com www.betaland.com www.betpro.it www.winzingo.com Committees of the Board The board has both Audit and Remuneration Committee. The Audit Committee, currently chaired by Karl Diacono, is required to give its approval before the release of; the annual report and accounts, the preliminary year-end statement, the interim financial statements, and any other release of financial information to the market. The Remuneration Committee, currently chaired by Nigel Blythe-Tinker, reviews the remuneration packages of the Executive Director and is required by the board to review the bonus arrangements of any employee or consultant to the group. The committee meets at least twice a year. The Board The board currently comprises five directors. The board aims to meet six times a year and more frequently if required.