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Annual Report & Accounts 2005 - Directors
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Gerard Cassels, Finance Director Designate (44) Gerard is an experienced Finance Director of listed companies, and has worked both in Europe and the US. Between 2001 and 2004, he was Group Finance Director for NMT Group PLC, the medical device design, development and licensing company. Prior to that he was Group Finance Director of Inveresk PLC, the niche specialty paper and board manufacturer. Gerard started his career at KPMG in the corporate finance department and is a qualified chartered accountant. Scott Miller, Chief Operating Officer (42) Scott worked for Highland Equity & Development LLC as a leader in structured finance transactions. Since 1986, he has completed 78 transactions with a total transaction value of approximately $US 450 million, investing over $US 100 million in equity yielding an average annual return of greater than 10 per cent. Scott is the founder and managing member of Highland Property Investors LLC, and has been an adviser to Princeton University Endowment Fund. Scott also has a number of professional and community affiliations, including Life Bridge Programme and Boston Children’s Hospital.